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Creating a successful Amazon seller account is a lot of effort. However, once the sales start soaring through the roof, it is all worthwhile.

What if you lose all of it in just a second?

Amazon sellers are always running at the risk of Amazon account suspension. Amazon can suspend your account for several reasons including your way of carrying out selling operations on the platform. It shuts down all the selling activities carried out through the platform for a temporary period. Your business is going to lose revenue until the day you revive your account.

Here, at Amazon Appeal Pro, we have an experienced team of Amazon reinstatement experts and former Amazon employees. They plan a streamlined process tailored to the requirements of your business.

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What is an Amazon Reinstatement Service?

Amazon is the largest e-commerce store providing a streamlined platform for buyers and sellers. A large number of businesses perform their selling operations through the platform and run their business online.

Every seller on the platform should know that Amazon is pro-consumer. It prioritizes the convenience and security of the consumers. Therefore, if it finds any seller disregarding the selling operations or any of its policies, it takes strict action. These actions can be in the form of suspension of your Amazon seller account.

Amazon can suspend any account if it has reasons to believe that you did something wrong or did not follow the rules of the platform. Amazon account suspensions fall into two broad categories –

  • Listing Suspension

Listing suspension happens when there are complaints about your listed product from the customers. It can also occur when the products are not the same as described on Amazon. It results in the suspension of the particular product for some time.

  • Account Suspension

Account suspension occurs when your Amazon seller account gets blocked temporarily. As a result, you lose all your selling rights on the platform. You cannot operate your seller account until the time your account is reinstated.

The second you get the email of account suspension for any reason, your business begins facing losses. Until you resolve the issue, you have to bear all the other costs such as supplier fees, storage costs, employee salaries, etc.

After reading the account suspension email, your first instinct is to draft a reply disagreeing with Amazon about the reason for the suspension. That is where a seller can go wrong to a large extent. Replying without understanding what Amazon needs from you as a seller can lead you into serious trouble.

Therefore, get in touch with an Amazon reinstatement service. Let the Amazon reinstatement experts handle the communication with the Amazon team. Once Amazon is satisfied with your reply and gets convinced that you will make changes to your account, it lifts the suspension from your seller account. You will have your account reinstated. Also, you get your selling rights back and can start operating your online business normally.

How to Reinstate Your Suspended Account?

Account suspension is not a pretty state for any seller. It can cause instant distress to anyone. However, it is not the time to panic and take wrong actions.

To reinstate your Amazon account, consider the following process –

  • Start with the Assessment of the Situation

Our instinct immediately denies what Amazon blames us for. Get that emotion out of your system. Understand that your selling operation is down until further notice from Amazon and the only solution is to cooperate with their team.

Therefore, begin by understanding what went wrong in the eyes of Amazon. Have an objective assessment of the entire situation.

  • Have an Explanation

Create a clear understanding of the entire problem. Rushing into action can make things worse. Therefore, recognize the issue and understand it in detail. Moving forward, develop an explanation of the situation in your head. Also, do not make any guesses. Until you do not understand every point stated by Amazon in the email about your account, do not take any action.

  • Create a Plan of Action ( POA )

Once you have understood both the problem and the solution in detail, it is time to take action. You need to reply to this email of Amazon with a Plan of Action (POA).

A POA is an appeal letter which is also known as the Amazon reinstatement letter. It has an outline of how a seller plans to resolve the issue Amazon has with its account. Your Amazon reinstatement letter should have the following content –

  • Introduction

Include all the primary details of your selling business. Provide information about your name, your business seller name, and your products.

  • Description

Mention the reason why Amazon suspended your account in detail. Provide details about how you identified the issue. Also, include the reason why the issue took place in the first place.

  • Action Plan

It is the most crucial part of the process. Your action plan decides whether your Amazon account reinstatement can happen or not.

Begin by taking responsibility for the issue. Denying it would not take you any further. Explain the steps you plan to take to solve the issue. If you have started taking action since the suspension period, mention it as well. Amazon does not need a temporary solution. Provide it with a long-term plan, if needed, to not let the same issue arise again from your end.

  • Conclusion

Conclude your Amazon reinstatement letter by politely requesting to reinstate your Amazon account.

Send the POA to the Amazon Seller Performance. They review it and reply within 48 hours. Complex cases may get results delayed for 1-2 months.

The process of account reinstatement requires expert analysis. It is a good idea to reach out to an experienced Amazon reinstatement service provider like Amazon Appeal Pro.

What are the Reasons for an Account Suspension?

The most common reasons for an Amazon account suspension are the following –

  • Having Multiple Selling Accounts For the Same Products

Amazon does not allow making multiple accounts and selling the same product from all of them. There are a few exceptional cases where sellers may do so, but after taking permission from Amazon. Even then, your details like emails and bank accounts for each account are different.

  • Selling Restricted Items

Amazon has strict guidelines for restricted or prohibited items. If you are selling any of them, be ready to face account suspension. The Amazon Seller platform has all the information on restricted products. Avoid them by reading the guidelines.

  • Reopening a New Account After Suspension

It is a basic instinct for every Amazon seller to create a new account if the current one is in account suspension. However, this is strictly prohibited. You can not trick the platform as it has a specially programmed algorithm for such practices.

  • Poor Performance

Amazon does not take its customers for granted in any aspect. For customer satisfaction, it has set performance standards for sellers. If a seller can not meet a particular performance target, it may face account suspension. They are –

  1. The cancellation rate has to be less than 2.5%.
  2. The defect order rate has to be less than 1%.
  3. The late shipment percentage should be less than 4%.
  4. The percentage of perfect orders needs to be more than 95%

Amazon Reinstatement Letter

An Amazon reinstatement letter is the key to getting your seller privileges back after the suspension. However, it is one of the hardest things to deal with. Amazon does not give you several chances to communicate. If your letter does not make sense to them, they may close your issue after a series of replies. You may lead yourself to the termination of the account.

Therefore, it is best to get help from an Amazon reinstatement service like ours. We provide a customized Amazon reinstatement letter and keep your communication channels open and positive with Amazon.

However, if you want to draft an Amazon reinstatement letter by yourself, follow the following tips –

  • Since you are the one appealing, Amazon has an upper hand over you. Be prepared to put in high effort.
  • Follow all the guidelines of Amazon while drafting your letter and sending it.
  • Amazon is not interested in listening to your rants. Instead of blaming it, write a clear and concise letter.
  • Do not write a letter with a lot of emotions. Your business is having communication with another business. Stay professional.
  • If you feel Amazon has made a mistake, present facts to prove it. Collect all the pieces of evidence that can prove your point.

Reach Out to Our Amazon Reinstatement Company to Reinstate your Amazon Account

Amazon Appeal Pro is an Amazon reinstatement company helping businesses and sellers to appeal for Amazon reinstatement. After being in the business for a decade, we ensure a 98% success rate of account reinstatement. Our tailor-made strategies and responses make us uniquely qualified to deal with our clients.

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  • How to get my Amazon Account Reinstated?

To reinstate your Amazon account, we recommend you get help from a professional Amazon account reinstatement company like ours.  If you want to try solving the issue on your own, write an account reinstatement letter to the team of Amazon. Convey your problems and solutions in a clean and precise manner. Take responsibility for the issue and mention your actionable steps in a neutral and formal tone.

  • How long does it take to get reinstated on Amazon?

The time taken for Amazon account reinstatement varies from project to project. We deliver a solution as soon as possible after you fill us in with all the information. Ordinary cases take 24-96 hours. If it is a complex case, the hours can increase. Moreover, if you give your case to us after having a few unsuccessful email exchanges with the Amazon team, we may need more time.

  • How do I unsuspend my Amazon Account?

To unsuspend your Amazon account, first, find the reason for suspension. After understanding the issue, you may start creating a Plan of Action ( POA ) to send to the Amazon team. If it gets approved, your suspension will be lifted. However, it is advisable to get help from an Amazon reinstatement company that is better at handling the issue. Amazon Appeal Pro can solve your problem in minimal hours.

  • How do I appeal an Amazon Suspension?

To appeal an Amazon account suspension, follow these steps –

  1. Visit the webpage of Amazon Seller Central.
  2. Go to Performance and click on the Account Health option.
  3. At the top of the Account Health page, you will find Reactivate your account tab. Click on it.
  4. The new web page has instructions. Follow them to submit your appeal.
  5. Your appeal involves your POA, Plan of Action, and supporting documents.
  6. Click on the Submit tab to send your completed appeal to Amazon.
  • Does Amazon Suspend Buyer Accounts?

Amazon can suspend the accounts of the buyer. However, it does not do it often. Amazon is amongst the most customer-centric companies in the world. If a platform that idolizes its customers suspends your buyer account, there is something seriously wrong with your account. If your account has nothing suspicious and the suspension is incorrect, you may appeal back to the team of Amazon.

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