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Avoid Amazon Copyright Infringement Claims

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces. It credits its success to its customers and hence, makes them its priority. You must have heard that Amazon follows pro-consumer behavior. It protects its users and customers from every possible fraud and misshapen. It does so by regulating strict policies for the sellers on Amazon. However, at the same time, it also takes care of the rights of the sellers and owners of the products on Amazon. The policies of the platform protect every seller to get a justified and harmless treatment. 

Amazon Copyright Infringement Appeal

copyright infringement amazon

The protocols and guidelines on Amazon do a good job at keeping the Amazon sellers within their limits. They have to follow them or bear the strict consequences. The system looks seamless – the sellers who violate policies and go against the guidelines face amazon account suspension, or worse, ban. 

However, many times, the account suspension is a result of a mistake from Amazon’s side. In recent years, the complaints of sellers about false or wrong suspensions have increased. Moreover, there are cases when sellers are not aware of the actions that could lead to suspensions. 

Reasons For Account Suspend

Among many reasons for account suspension, one is copyright infringement on Amazon or Intellectual Property ( IP ) infringement. Amazon is known to be strictest with such infringement cases since they affect the right of the sellers and owners. No matter the result, your business is going to suffer. It will slow down and face negative consequences in the form of revenue, goodwill, and profit.

Therefore, in the case of Amazon copyright infringement, you need to be more careful. It is best to have the support of a leading Amazon reinstatement agency that can guide you throughout the process. Amazon Appeal Pro, one of the best e-commerce appeal consulting firms, is a dedicated team of executives with an extensive record of fighting and winning claims for clients who have been suspended from Amazon. We know how frustrating it is for you to lose your seller privileges, and therefore, we give our best shot to reinstate your account. 

If your Amazon account is facing a suspension, lift, or ban, contact us right away. Be it copyright infringement Amazon appeal or anything else, we will help you gain your rights back. 

What is an Amazon Copyright Infringement?

Copyright is a kind of Intellectual Property that protects the original works of authorship. The copyright law incentivizes the original works of authorship to benefit the public. 

When a work of art has copyright and someone uses the copyrighted work without permission, they are violating the exclusive rights of the copyright owner. This violation is known as copyright infringement. 

The owner of the copyright has all the rights to the work. They can reproduce it, prepare imitations of it, distribute it, and perform or display it publicly. However, if anyone else tries to do so, they are liable for violating the copyright law. The owner can complain and take strict actions against it. Unless the owner permits the use of the copyrighted work, it is beyond reach for others and hence, if used, is considered unauthorized and as Amazon copyright infringement.

Problem Due to Copyright Infringement Amazon

Copyright infringement on Amazon has become a growing problem. The trick here is that you can be on either side of the river. Two scenarios cause problems while dealing with copyright infringement on Amazon. There is a possibility that an Amazon seller mistakenly or wrongly accuses you of infringing on its copyright work of art. In such cases, you are at risk of losing your seller rights until a decision is made by the Amazon team. When you’re dealing with the complaint, your business will suffer due to the abrupt halt at your business functioning. 

In other scenarios, you can be at the receiving end of the problem. You may discover a seller to be violating the copyright law and infringing your intellectual property on Amazon. In such cases, you need to prove that the seller is violating the copyright by providing evidence. 

Amazon Seller Pro can help you in both scenarios. Reach out to us in time and our experts will handle your case in the best manner possible. 

How to Avoid Copyright Infringement on Amazon?

Amazon Copyright Infringement

Encountering copyright infringement is never a pleasant experience. Your rights as a seller get violated and your business gets molested. Not to mention, your business revenue might go downhill as well. 

To avoid copyright infringement on Amazon, you need to take precautionary measures well in advance. Amazon does not bear copyright infringements. It can take strict measures when a copyright infringement case is proved with evidence. However, it does not want things to get out of control and therefore, has employed measures for sellers to protect their intellectual property rights on their own.

Amazon has come up with the option of Brand Registry for the sellers in the Amazon marketplace to protect their intellectual property rights. Through it, brand owners can gain the authority to file a complaint about cases of brand erosion or rogue selling. This way, they can protect their copyright from being infringed. 

Amazon Trademark Infringement Appeal

To be recognized, brand owners have to enroll their registered trademarks in the Brand Registry. It benefits them with the privilege of having authority over the products that have their brand name. If a seller has a Brand Registry, it can charge another seller with Amazon copyright infringement if they find them selling their products without their permission. 

If you want to avoid copyright infringement on Amazon, it is your responsibility to register your brand. This way, you can own the rights to your manufactured products. 

How to Report Amazon Copyright Infringement?

Amazon provides a set of procedures for businesses to report and file a copyright infringement claim. According to them, if a business has enrollment in the Brand registry department, they can directly report the copyright infringement using the RAV (Report a Violation) tool. The RAV tool is a general program provided by Amazon to the sellers to report any kind of infringement.

 Another option to report an Amazon copyright infringement is by submitting a claim over an email. Your email need to include the following information –

  • Physical or electronic signature of the business owner
  • Description or link of the material which is claimed to be infringed upon
  • Description or link of the material claimed to infringe an original product somewhere in Amazon. It could be the packaging, image/photo used, text on the product details, etc.
  • Personal and company details like company address, contact details, email, etc.
  • A statement saying the disputed use was not authorized by you or your company
  • A statement saying in which your claim is accurate under penalty

If you need an in-depth plan to report the Amazon copyright infringement, reach out to Amazon Appeal Pro. Our experts can help you with a tailor-made strategy to reinstate your rights.

How to Appeal Copyright Infringement Amazon?

Amazon copyright infringement is a serious matter. However, there can be honest mistakes. Your account may get suspended for a false copyright violation. If it happens, take the following steps to reinstate your account- 

  • First of all, you need to know everything about the Intellectual Property violation to understand the matter correctly. To do so, learn about the Suspected Intellectual Property Violations (SIPV). You can find it in Account Health on Seller Central.
  • Amazon does not provide information about the brand that made the complaint. Insist the Amazon Notice Dispute team provide this information.
  • Do not try to switch suppliers and continue your operations. Amazon will come to know of it.
  • Draft a Plan of Action (POA) to respond to Amazon. Make it precise and unique. Explain the problem, solutions, and the ways with which you are willing to amend the problem.

Amazon does not consider more than three to four replies on one appeal. Therefore, ensure that your replies are directed towards solving the problem quickly. To ensure everything goes smoothly, partner up with Amazon Appeal Pro to create a personalized POA that increases the chances of your account being reinstated quickly. 

How to File Copyright Infringement Amazon?

copyright infringement amazon

If a seller has infringed your copyrighted property, you need to file a copyright infringement on Amazon. It is the primary process to remove the counterfeit. Follow the below-mentioned steps – 

1. The copyright infringement filing process is done through your Amazon seller account. Log in to it.

You will need to provide Amazon with the following information to file the infringement – 

  • ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), or the URL of each product you are reporting.
  • The brand name
  • Your personal information. It will include contact details and your address. You also need to mention whether you are the owner of the IP, or an agent representing them.
  • Copyright registration number ( optional )

2. Go to the Amazon Infringement Report page and fill in your relevant information.

3. You are all set to file the Amazon Infringement report. Keep in mind that your submission will only affect the listings of the domain you are on. 

4. Once you file it successfully and everything else goes well, Amazon will remove the copyright infringement items from the marketplace. 

5. The process may take 1-3 days. If Amazon does not respond, you may need to file a second report. 

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How do I avoid copyright infringement on Amazon?

To avoid copyright infringement on Amazon, be aware of the policies of Amazon. Keep all of your actions in sync with what Amazon suggests. Also, take precautionary measures. Create a Brand Registry of your account to protect your ownership rights.

What can I do about copyright infringement?

If a seller is violating your ownership rights and selling your items as its own, you can report the seller to the Amazon team.  If you are wrongly accused of copyright infringement, appeal to the Amazon team by drafting an Amazon Plan of Action. In both cases, to make your cases stronger, take help from the experienced experts of Amazon Appeal Pro. 

How do I respond to an Amazon trademark infringement?

In case of Amazon trademark infringement, you can file a notice of infringement. If you are enrolled in the Brand Registry, use the ‘report a violation’ tool. If not, draft an email stating your issues, solutions, and the steps you are taking to prevent the events from happening again. 

Has anyone gone to jail for copyright infringement?

Yes, there is a possibility that one could go to jail for copyright infringement. Copyright violation is a criminal offense. If the opposite proves that the violation is willful and involves monetary benefits, offenders can go to prison.

How do I file a copyright infringement lawsuit?

To file the copyright infringement lawsuit, collect the evidence of the infringement. Hire an attorney who will help you to file a lawsuit. Ensure your attorney is a specialist in copyright law. The attorney will continue with the process of the lawsuit.

What can be done if someone uses your copyright work without permission?

If someone uses your copyrighted work without permission, you can file a copyright infringement lawsuit against them. You can partner up with Amazon Appeal Pro and we will lead the case. Our team has lawyers specialized in Intellectual Property law who can help you win the case.

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