How Do I Unsuspend My Amazon Seller Account?

Posted on July 9th, 2021

Unsuspend My Amazon Seller Account

How to Win an Amazon appeal

Has your Amazon account been suspended, and you don’t know why? Are you wondering how to reactivate your suspended Amazon seller account? We’ve been there, done that! 

A ton of amazon seller account suspensions are done by bots that check a large number of scams. Reinstating your account can be a tedious process, and finding an expert can take time. That’s why we’ve curated a list of things you need to do to get back your amazon seller account. Read on.  

Why is Your Amazon Seller Account Suspended?

If you go through Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS) clearly, some restrictions are applied to sellers to ensure no breach in the selling and buying process. Most of the amazon seller account suspensions happen because of the violation of these policies. Let’s list them out here so you can crosscheck what’s wrong with your seller account. 

  • Using multiple accounts on a single platform

As a seller, you’re not permitted to run multiple accounts on amazon and sell different products. If your Amazon account is suspended and you’d like a new account, do ask Amazon Account Health for a reason for your suspension and appeal for the same. 

  • Vague Communication with Customers

Amazon has imposed specific guidelines sellers need to follow while communicating with the customer about the product. Check out all the dos and don’ts of Amazon customer communication and see if you’ve violated any. 

  • Selling Restricted Products

Ensure you’re not selling any restricted products. If you’re selling one with various ingredients, check if any of them is restricted to be showcased on Amazon. 

  • Poor Seller Performance

Amazon will freeze your account if it believes you aren’t putting in the effort to scale your FBA business. Ensure you are consistent with your amazon account optimization and tweaking your Ad campaigns. 

How Do I Appeal for Amazon Suspension?

Unsuspend My Amazon Seller Account

Here is the step-by-step plan on how to get back your suspended Amazon seller account. 

Act fast and Appeal

Amazon appeals processes are usually slow and time-consuming as they have to take care of a million accounts simultaneously. What you can do is act fast and put your case together for an appeal.  

When you’re filing your case, ensure you include the three most important things: 

Why do you think Amazon suspended your seller account? 

Go through all the TOS of Amazon and check if you have violated any rules. Mention the same in your appeal or a viable reason as to why you think Amazon suspended your seller account. Involving your thought process in resolving your case may impress Amazon and expedite your reinstatement process. 

Are you taking any preventative measures to avoid it further? 

Even if you think Amazon has mistakenly suspended your account, lie low and let them know that you’re ready to take any measures to avoid the mistake again. 

Do you have any proof that can support your appeal?

If you have any screenshots, posts, or business info that can prove your innocence, use them. 

Do not panic if your amazon seller account is suspended; use these measures to get it back and revive your sales. To help you file your case and put together pieces for your appeal, get in touch for your amazon appeal with us. 

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