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Amazon is undoubtedly a big deal for sellers. It is a platform that hosts one of the largest e-marketplaces in the world. More than 50% of all online product searches begin on Amazon. There are more than 1.6 million active Amazon sellers worldwide to cater to the huge user base.

Becoming a seller on Amazon is a huge opportunity as it

comes with giant gains. Whether you sign up as an Amazon FBA seller or a normal one, you register at a platform that has millions of shoppers. We won’t deny that the opportunity comes with competition. However, if you effectively optimize your Amazon seller profile, you can join the army of top sellers.

Become a Registered Amazon Seller

Amazon Plan of Action

It is a known fact that Amazon prioritizes the welfare and benefits of its audience. The customer experience of every consumer comes first. Therefore, the second you become a registered Amazon seller, you gain the credibility and trust of your target audience. Moreover, Amazon has become a household name in over 100 countries. You can easily expand your business and start selling internationally if your product has desirability and appeal in the global marketplace. Also, the platform doesn’t demand you to put in significant marketing efforts – you can begin selling from day one with just the bare minimum advertising.

However, the Amazon marketplace is not all roses all the time. In fact, it has always come down hard on sellers to maintain a balanced ecosystem for consumers. To protect the interest of the customers, it often suspends the seller accounts if they are found to be violating the policies. While the intent behind the action is pure, its implementation is full of drawbacks. There are a large number of sellers that have faced account suspension for the wrong reasons. 9 out of 10 times Amazon and their incompetent seller support and algorithms are at fault. It incorrectly flags and shuts down listings and accounts.

Creating an Amazon Plan of Action

However, if your account is suspended, you have to bear the consequences, regardless of whose mistake it was. You lose your selling privileges and even lie close to the risk of a permanent account ban. The only solution to get out of this situation is the Amazon plan of action. However, creating a plan of action is a new complication in itself.

Amazon Appeal Pro, a prominent e-commerce appeal consulting firm can help you gain your selling privileges back by lifting the Amazon suspension. Our team of lawyers, writers, and consultants has an extensive record of fighting and winning the suspension claims of our clients. With our company on board, expect fast and timely results.

If you require an Amazon plan of action letter, do not waste your time and reach out to us to reinstate your account.

What is the Amazon Appeal Plan of Action?

The Amazon Plan of Action ( PoA ) is a tool-like facility to appeal for reinstatement of your suspended Amazon account. However, it often turns out to be a hurdle for Amazon sellers. Amazon has let the seller know that they need to appeal by designing a Plan of Action. However, it has kept silent over its outlines, design, and content guidelines of it.

The appeal for reinstatement broadly constitutes the Plan of Action. Even though the account reinstatement completely depends on the success or failure of the appeal, there are no precise requirements defined. Agencies like Amazon Appeal Pro have been in the service for more than a decade now and understand what Amazon wants and needs to hear. Hence, we design a Plan of Action in a way that has maximum possibility of acceptance.

A plan of action gets created based on three major questions –

  • Why did the suspension happen?
  • What actions are you taking to lift the suspension?
  • What actions will you take in the future to prevent the same mistakes?

The process of drafting a plan of action begins much before actually writing content. The first stage is to recognize the root problem. Amazon provides a very vague reason behind the suspension. You cannot figure out the specific reason out of its one-line statement. Once you recognize the reason behind suspension, you cannot dive jump to find the solution. The second stage is damage control. Amazon needs action from your side. Solve the problem by finding a solution that does not do any harm to customers. Then comes the third and final stage – drafting an Amazon appeal letter asking to reinstate your account.

How to Write an Amazon Plan of Action?

When you see the message of an account or listing suspension for the first time, you are bound to get stressed. Things get complicated, especially if selling your products or services on Amazon is a part of your primary business income. Your first instinct is to draft a long reply to Amazon Seller Performance stating how you haven’t done anything wrong and there is a mistake on their part.

But stop, do not do anything like this. Amazon doesn’t care about your justification or excuses. Your reply can only maximize your risk of not getting your selling privileges back. Therefore, take some time to cool down, admit your fault, and immediately start working on your Amazon plan of action.

Before beginning to create the plan of action, refer to the following guidelines –

  • Keep Your Appeal Short and to-the-Point

Include facts in your appeal and not your version of the facts. Amazon doesn’t want to hear your personal views. It needs a factual presentation of your plan of action.

  • Be Ready With Explanation

Even though Amazon suspended your account knowing the reason, you need to list them in your appeal. If there is a combination of root problems, include them all and explain each.

  • Provide Evidence

There is a possibility that Amazon asks for evidence in the form of past orders, receipts, or other documents for your application under review. Provide everything they’ve asked for.

  • Highlight Important Details in Documents

If you are attaching supporting documents, you can highlight the relevant and necessary information to attract the attention of the Amazon team.

Tips to Write an Amazon Plan of Action Letter

Getting your Amazon Plan of Action approved at once is a tricky task. Our writers at Amazon Appeal Pro follow a set of instructions to minimize the risk of appeal declination.

Here are some of the dos and don’ts you should follow while writing an Amazon plan of action letter-

  • Don’t click on the Appeal button as soon as you finish reading the suspension message. You are under the influence of anger and want to vent out your frustration. In that zone, you can make a lot of mistakes while drafting an appeal. You need to keep a clear head while writing the POA.
  • Don’t comment on the Amazon processes or guidelines. You’re wasting your and their time.
  • Do not use long paragraphs. Instead, use bullet points.
  • Provide a short introduction of your case.
  • Do not blame the customers. The main aim of Amazon is to protect buyers’ interests.
  • Do compose a short and precise yet detailed description.

Amazon Plan of Action Template

amazon plan of action

Amazon has not provided the sellers with a specific plan of action template. Therefore, it’s up to you how you want to design it. However, there is a lot of talk about Amazon failing the appeal on the grounds of design. While there is no answer to what Amazon actually likes, it is for sure that the plan of action has to be strict and goal-oriented.

Appeal consulting firms have adopted the methods of quality management – the 4D and the 8D report.

 The 4D Report

It is used for less severe violations and includes the following dimensions –

  • D1: Problem description
  • D2: Immediate solution
  • D3: Future measures
  • D4: Proof of effectiveness

The 8D Report

It is more detailed and is used for serious violations. It involves –

  • D1: The problem solver
  • D2: Problem description
  • D3: Immediate measures
  • D4: The cause of the error
  • D5: Different approaches for the solution
  • D6: Documentation of D5 implementation
  • D7: Future measures
  • D8: Learnings from the error analysis

Amazon Plan of Action Appeal Example

No two Amazon plans of action are similar since every seller has different specifications. Even if the violation is the same, one appeal cannot be used for two sellers as there are bound to be differences based on the nature of businesses.

While you can use a template to draft your plan of action appeal, you should not copy the content of the appeal from any example piece. Amazon Appeal can help you create a customized Amazon plan of action to prevent the appeal from compromising the account recovery process.

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How do I create an Amazon action plan?

To create an Amazon action plan, first, figure out the reason why Amazon Seller Performance suspended your account. The reason will take you to the solution. Brainstorm how to tackle the problem at hand with an experienced Amazon eCommerce appeal consulting firm. Rectify your mistake by launching the solution process as soon as possible and taking actions to prevent such happenings from taking place in the future. Include all these details in the Amazon action plan along with supporting documentation and evidence in a well-structured manner.

When should I submit the Amazon Plan of Action?

You should submit the Amazon action plan to the Amazon Seller Performance as soon as possible. If you delay it for weeks, Amazon may ban your account. However, don’t be in a hurry. Plan your POA properly in the first attempt as Amazon does not offer many chances.

How to do an Amazon plan of action?

Keep your Amazon action plan short and precise. Do not include unnecessary details about the history of your account. Also, strictly avoid emotional, victimized, or blaming tone. Simply state facts and your take on the solutions. Provide necessary detail and attach supporting documents. If they reply for more information, do as asked.

How long does Amazon suspend your account?

The Amazon team states that they take action within 48 hours on your appeal. However, the process can take weeks or even months. There have been cases where sellers have waited for more than 60 days to get a reply. Therefore, outsource the creation of an Amazon action plan from an experienced agency that can get your situation resolved quickly.

Does Amazon refund third-party sellers?

Yes, Amazon refunds third-party sellers. If a customer is facing a problem with an item they bought from a third-party seller on Amazon, they can request a refund. The process is the same as that of other Amazon refunds.

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