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Being an Amazon seller can be daunting at times.

It tends to get even more challenging to keep up with the compliance norms while you juggle between operational tasks and client servicing. Of all the escalations and warnings, an account suspension email can be the worst nightmare for many!

Even though the reason for your account suspension is well-stated in the email, it is often not so easy to figure out what exactly went wrong. To top it all, drafting an effective Amazon appeal letter to get your seller account reinstated can be a tough row to hoe.

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What is an Amazon Appeal Letter?

amazon appeal letter

Amazon is well-known to be a company of strict guidelines and procedures. As an online seller, you may run into a situation where you unintentionally violate a clause. This can potentially lead to the suspension of your Amazon seller account and leave you in sheer wonder.


Amazon gives you a window of opportunity to justify your side of the story and make an appeal for getting your account reinstated. This is where an Amazon appeal letter comes into play.

Below are some of the most common reasons why your account can be suspended from Amazon selling:

  • Inconsistent Seller Performance

Performance issues are likely to translate into amazon account suspensions if they persist for a longer duration. Seldom positive feedback, delayed deliveries, high cancellation rates, or critical reviews— all tend to contribute to your account suspension.

Your Amazon seller suspension appeal letter should clearly state valid arguments for justifying your performance. It is vital for you to devise your action plans based on the identified issues in your selling.

  • Selling Prohibited Products

Amazon is a credible brand with global recognition. This is one of the reasons they have immensely strict guidelines for products that can be sold over the online platform.

If you are found to indulge in prohibited items that do not fall under the acceptable products for selling, Amazon is likely to suspend your account.

  • Policy Violation

Being a customer-centric brand, Amazon has established set clauses for all the sellers who wish to expand their business online. Any brand that tends to violate these policies is likely to receive an account suspension email in no time.

With the help of an efficient Amazon seller account suspended appeal template, you can attempt to reinstate your account by writing to the company. At times, unintentional policy violations can be explained to the authorities, which gives you a fair chance to act on them.

  • Incorrect selling tactics

For all the brands that rely on fake reviews and shortcut sellings, be on the ball because you may soon end up having your Amazon account suspended.

With a large team and smart algorithms, Amazon is quick to spot any suspicious activity that happens from your account. Malpractice or illegal activities can also get you banned by the company forever.

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How to write an Amazon Appeal Letter?

amazon appeal letter

With an active base of 1.5 million sellers, it is practically impossible for Amazon teams to swim through all the appeal letters they receive on a daily basis. To stand out from the rest of the crowd, you must have a compelling Amazon appeal letter for getting your suspended account back.


Along with the basic information about your account, there are other aspects that you must consider while drafting your appeal. Some of the most important considerations for writing an Amazon seller suspension appeal letter include:

  • Format Correctly

Formatting of text is instrumental when it comes to your appeal letter. Optimizing for an established Amazon seller account suspended appeal template, it is vital to make your letter readable.

Given the count of letters coming in each day, only a few make it to Amazon’s careful and immediate considerations. To make sure that your appeal is one of them, you should structure your letter in an easy and comprehensible manner. This allows them to scan through your request quickly.

  • Customers as Priority

Amazon takes its customers to be the top priority for the brand. All their actions are driven towards providing their clientele with a seamless experience.

Whenever you are stuck with the question of “how to write a letter to Amazon” make customers your highlighted aspect. This indicates your brand to be equally concerned about the customers and makes you more credible as a business.

With mere mentions like “We strive to serve Amazon customers with high-quality deliveries” or “In an attempt to reach the expected targets for our Amazon sellers,”— you can win the trust of Amazon.

  • Detailed Explanation

For getting an early action on your Amazon appeal letter, you must strive to add a detailed explanation of what went wrong from your side and why it was so. Amazon teams are often choked with numerous letters regularly, but if your letter is well-explained, it is highly likely to be processed faster.

  • Promising End

Making a firm promise at the end of your letter always goes in your favor. With a concrete action plan, on-point preventive measures, and justified actions— you can make your Amazon seller suspension appeal letter efficient and impactful.

Drafting an effective appeal letter can be difficult, but with Amazon Appeal Pro, you can park your worries. We serve you with our highly skilled professionals on board. Bringing our vast exposure to the table, we help draft letters that just can’t be ignored. Contact us today to learn more!

Process of Amazon Appeal Letter

Given the importance of your appeal letter for the Amazon account, it is essential to adopt the right approach while drafting it. Here is the process you should follow when you sit down to draft your Amazon appeal letter:

  • Do not rush

The first and foremost step is to wait and not reply back instantly once you receive the suspension email. The 17-days window allows you enough time to think through the issue. You can dig into an Amazon appeal letter sample and then proceed to write your own.

  • Find the reasons

Let’s face it- you have already received the suspension email and can no longer sell your products. It is only wise to research deeply and find out the areas of concern.

It could be your inconsistent delivery, shipment issue, or damaged products— any area which impacts your customers raises the flag for Amazon.

  • Draft a plan

While preparing your Amazon seller suspension appeal letter, it is crucial to include a firm plan of action that you intend to pursue. Address your mistake, state the reason behind it, mention your efforts to rectify them and finally conclude with your plan.

  • Edit and submit

Wrapping up your appeal letter, you must quickly glance at it for some last-minute changes and then submit it in the desired manner. Once the letter is sent, it is time to wait till you receive an answer to it patiently.

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Plan of Action before Writing an Amazon Appeal Letter

amazon appeal letters

The plan of action explained in your appeal letter can either make or break your deal. Your account is reinstated only when the Amazon teams feel your plan to be reliable and valid. Here are some essential aspects you must keep in mind while drafting your Amazon seller suspension appeal letter:

  • Take ownership of your mistake and agree to improve
  • Identify what went wrong and how you will correct it
  • State the preventive measures you intend to follow from now
  • End with a convincing promise that you will never repeat the error again
  • Mention your commitment and dedication towards customer servicing

Things to Include in an Amazon Appeal Letter

Off all the things added in your amazon appeal letter, you must have the following points stated clearly:

  • Aim of your Amazon appeal- what is it all about
  • The reason behind the action
  • Plan of action including preventive measures
  • Appeal for reinstating your seller account with reasons

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  • How do I write an appeal letter for Amazon?

If you have received a suspension letter from amazon, first of all, don’t panic! In such situations, Amazon demands certain serious convincing to reconsider your account. Find that one thing in that notice which violated the amazon guidelines and where you went wrong.

Once done, trace out your mistake and jot down a plan to not repeat it in the future. Give it some last-minute changes, and you are all set to send a convincing Amazon seller suspension appeal letter.

  • How do I file an appeal with Amazon?

Since you need to track down the main reason for suspension, fixing it can be quite tricky. Identifying the major issue can help you solve it efficiently. Carefully read the entire email sent by Amazon and pen down the important details.

Request for an appeal by making your amazon seller suspension appeal letter short but straight to the point. After sending your appeal, keep track of it. This way, you can easily file an impressive appeal with Amazon.

  • Where do I send an Amazon appeal letter?

Once you have finished writing your Amazon seller suspension appeal letter, find the correct place to send it.

From a section named “Performance” dropdown in the Seller Center, select “Performance Notifications.” Go to your suspension notice, press the “Appeal” button, and click the “Appeal Decision” one. A form opens where you need to provide specifications of your plan of action along with a telephone number. Click on the “Submit appeal,” and in some time, it will reach Seller Performance for a review.

  • How do you write a successful appeal letter?

Selling on Amazon is tough yet profitable. Due to a massive competition to get reinstated, you need to write a successful Amazon appeal letter. The foremost step in writing a perfect amazon appeal letter is to go through it thoroughly. Provide a detailed explanation about what went wrong along with its reason.

Then, form a strategic plan of action so that the same issue doesn’t arise once again. At last, just carefully review it and submit your letter. Through these simple steps, your Amazon appeal letter can surely make its way.

  • How do I write an appeal letter for reconsideration?

To convince Amazon to reconsider its decision, you need to write a persuasive and fact-rich Amazon appeal letter. Keep a check on your Amazon appeal letter’s recipient information. Sending it to a higher authority increases the possibilities of reconsideration.

Write true details in your Amazon appeal letter and always use a professional tone. Before sending, read the company’s guidelines and policies and check that you don’t violate any. In the end, give your reconsideration Amazon appeal letter a well-systematic proofread – and it’s completed!

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