What is Amazon Termination Appeal?

Posted on May 7th, 2021

Amazon Termination Appeal

Amazon- the name itself reflects trust and quality products. The biggest e-commerce giant has been ruling the business for years. This has led to people putting their faith in the fairness and policies of Amazon.

Is Amazon still the same?

The new Amazon termination policy 2020 was put forward to provide support to the employees facing termination. However, the program is still raising concerns from employees about unfairness and increased workplace tension.

Amazon Termination Appeal Process

Amazon Termination Appeal

The program is called “Pivot” which is an internal HR program that gives a second chance to Amazon terminated employees when working conditions, personnel, or other factors might be impacting the decision to fire an employee. Upon receiving the Amazon termination email, the employees are given three options,

  • The employee can choose to take predetermined severance pay and leave their job
  • The employee can work with recommendations and impede their performance
  • Lastly, the employee can use Amazon termination appeal Reddit through a hearing held before other employees.

Winning Appeal Termination Amazon

Now, if you are left with option third, your biggest concern might be how to win a amazon termination appeal? Before winning you should know that in case if you fail, you will be forced to choose between the remaining options. The best you can do is hire an amazon appeal attorney to face the trial. The entire scenario can be summed up to one thing that Pivot is raising issues of its own.

How to Win an Amazon Termination Appeal

The statistics about winning the appeal tell a completely different story. Out of 100, only 30 percent of appeals are successful according to sources from within the company. The process is rather made to weigh against the employees placed in Pivot. Now, if you are lucky enough to win the trial, the consequences might even be worse because you will be working under the same manager. This has caused tension for those workers who believe that winning an appeal doesn’t cause any change in the behavior of the manager.

Surprisingly, a lot of times the situation turns upside down for the employees as the managers don’t appear to change their minds about the employee’s performance. This rift begins to appear long before the trial.

We have seen cases where the loss of an appeal did not even allow employees to bring up their primary concern in the first place. Mostly, the employees had to switch to a different job and role they were not prepared to work for. In addition to the appeal hearing, the employee was also put in contact with a company-appointed “career ambassador”.

Employee Termination Appeal Process Amazon

amazon termination appeal

The employee can effectively explain the process to their elected career ambassador who works as a consultant at every step of the appeal. If possible, these ambassadors may even put the employee arguments about not having been given a chance to adapt be dropped altogether.

We have also seen cases wherein the appeal hearing, the employee in question was barred from hearing the manager’s arguments against its appeal. All of these cases show what may be a problem with how appeals are being handled with an apparent lean in favor of the word of individuals rather than hearing out the employees.

This has led to Amazon being faced scrutiny on several fronts over the past year but has not yet responded to questions on this matter.

New Policy Called the Pivot

The employee-friendly Amazon has suddenly taken a 360-degree change with its new policy called the Pivot. As the termination policy focuses on the betterment of employees, it is everything different from what it claims. This has led to growing concerns among people working tirelessly for the e-commerce giant.

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