Why Would Amazon Suspend My Account?

Posted on April 20th, 2021

Is your Amazon Seller Account Suspended?

Having a seller account on Amazon is the smartest way to expand your business. You can drive up your productivity with lower operational cost, easy return and replacement policy, access to fast and reliable delivery, and GST input for the tax credit. No wonder many sellers are operating and thriving by selling products on this massively popular estore. 

Although sales from Amazon are seen to be increasing every year, third-party sellers are being hit by account suspensions. This increasing number of account suspensions is not good news for some of the third-party sellers. Instead, it is a threat to their income and reputation, contributing to an overall stressful experience. 

If you are one of the sellers who got suspended, take a deep breath. Let us get you through this hard time while helping to get your process of the seller’s Amazon account reinstated. For that, you must know the reason why Amazon suspended your account.  

9 Reasons for Account Suspension

Amazon Seller Account Suspended

Let’s have a look at the most common reasons for Amazon account suspension.

  • Order defect rate

The ODR should be less than 1%. ODR is the percentage of bad reviews, claims of guarantee, and requests for money return on the credit card for your orders. Higher ODR may be one of the reasons for Amazon account suspension. 

  • Pre-fulfillment cancel rate

The pre-fulfillment cancel rate is the rate of orders canceled before it is being shipped, for any reason attributable to the seller. The PCR should be under 2.5%. Your account may get suspended if the PCR gets higher than the stated percentage. 

  • Late shipment rate 

Amazon accounts get suspended when the LSR is more than 4%. It can be calculated by dividing the number of orders not being confirmed on time by the total number of shipments in that period. 

All these are basic Amazon metrics that the company takes as a reference and these factors contribute to the seller’s performance evaluation. This is not an issue because Amazon is so transparent about its evaluation metrics. You can stay updated with the health of your account all the time. You just have to go through the Customer Metrics tool that you can find logging into your account. It is always best to monitor your performance from time to time. 

  • Low performance 

The metrics clearly show that Amazon is so much obsessed with client satisfaction. They prioritize to fulfill the customer’s expectations. For that, they make sure sellers are providing the best product and withstand the expectations of the company and customers. 

  • Non-authorized products 

Amazon doesn’t let you sell everything. Instead, you can sell products that are allowed to be sold on the platform.

A German company was selling in ES, DE, UK, IT, and FR that means Amazon’s pan European program. The company got suspended in DE for selling unauthorized products. It shows how specific Amazon is for their suspension.

Amazon has a long list of products that are forbidden and prohibited. If you are selling any of those prohibited products, then Amazon will suspend your account. 

  • Selling the same item on a duplicate account 

Amazon may suspend your account when they get to know that you are selling the same items on some duplicate account as well. 

  • Selling branded products without permission

It is necessary to have permission from brands before you sell their products. And if you sell branded products on Amazon without the permission of the brand and Amazon then your account will get suspended. 

  • Selling used items

Amazon is a platform where you can buy and sell new products. So if you sell any used products claiming it to be new then your account goes under suspension risk. 

  • Not correcting suspended account

Most people ask, how to make a new amazon account after being banned.

Amazon has specific policies to restart your suspended account. When Amazon suspends an account, the seller tries to open a new one. It makes the situation even worse. You are required to correct the suspended account instead of creating a new one.

amazon seller account suspended

There are a few other factors that get your account suspended. It all depends on unique circumstances also. As Amazon does not want any loophole that compromises their quality of service. So it is not the thing that Amazon suspended accounts for no reason.

Anyone who overlaps the performance metrics numbers is at high risk of getting suspended. So it is always recommended to sell products being in the seller policy of Amazon.

Account suspension is not only for sellers, even amazon buyer account are suspended. There are people whose Amazon customer account was suspended. The Amazon account suspended after purchase, or their amazon prime account was suspended. Also, the Amazon buyer account was suspended for suspicious activity.

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