Amazon Appeal Letter on Account Suspension

Posted on November 10th, 2021

Account Suspension Amazon Appeal Letter

Imagine you were earning a huge profit by selling on Amazon. Everything was going great, and your business was flourishing with high revenues. 

Then boom, you received a suspension mail from Amazon. 

This mail is to inform you that from now onwards, they are suspending your selling privilege. You are in great shock. 

The situation is worse when selling on Amazon is your primary means of income. You are confused about what to do now. The only option you have is to appeal for the suspension to Amazon. Writing an appeal letter is a crucial part of the entire process. 

However, writing a suspension appeal is not a thing to rush into. You need to stay calm and not let emotions blur your rational thoughts to plan an Amazon appeal letter that guarantees acceptance. 

If you want to send an Amazon appeal letter on account suspension but don’t know where to start, we are here to help you with your Amazon appeal letter.

Understand the Reason for Amazon Account Suspension 

Identifying and understanding the reason behind Amazon suspension letter is the first thing to do before writing a letter. Amazon does not always state the reason for suspending your account. Hence, it’s upon the seller to figure out the reason. It is where most sellers fail. 

Recognize if any of the following are reasons for your suspension – 

Intellectual Property Complaints Against You

Businesses or brands that have IP rights can claim against a seller who sells infringed items on Amazon. Amazon gives a warning to the seller so that the seller gets a chance to rectify the situation. Ignoring and not rectifying the situation can lead to suspension. It happens when the seller gets more than a couple of intellectual property complaints about his practices. 

Multiple Seller Accounts

Have you created multiple accounts to sell more items? Well, it is agAmazon Appeal Appeal Letter on Account Suspension ainst the Amazon’s selling rules. A seller must have only one seller account. Amazon checks for the IP address, bank information, email address, taxation details, and physical address to find out if a seller has more than one account.

Selling Restricted Products

Amazon has strict policies for what to sell and what not to sell on their platform. If they find you selling restricted, unsafe, or illegal products, they immediately suspend your account. Some products require special permission or licenses to sell on Amazon. If you don’t have it and are still selling products, you may lose your selling rights.

Complaints from Buyers

Amazon functions on a customer-oriented business model and keeps customer satisfaction its priority. Hence, if customers are repeatedly complaining about your products, it is a serious issue. Once customers report a seller for selling counterfeit products, Amazon suspends the seller immediately.  

Formulate a Plan

It is essential to plan the appeal letter –  you cannot jump straight to drafting one. Take time to gather information before sending the response. 

There is no point in contacting Amazon if you are not contacting the right department. So it is essential to identify the right department that can help you with suspension issues and write to them. 

You should have a plan of action to convey to them that it is worth accepting your appeal. This includes the steps you take to avoid future issues between you and Amazon. Prepare a well-drafted document for it. 

Opt for an Easy-To-Read Structure

Writing a 1000-word appeal letter is not of any worth. The concerned department may be receiving thousands of letters daily. Nothing can be more annoying than reading lengthy blocks of text. 

Highlight the things you want to drive their focus towards. Use bullet points to make an easy read. 

  • Be specific: Assume that the executive handling your suspension case has no information regarding it. Write in a way that depicts the issue simply and also the resolution. 
  • Necessary information: Include necessary information in the appeal letter, such as your name, account name, and the reason why your amazon customer account was suspended. Try to keep it short and simple. 
  • Accept the impact: Amazon is a company that focuses on customer satisfaction. Show them that you know how your mistake has affected their excellence. 
  • The recovery action you took after suspension: Show that you are not only accepting your mistake but also taking actions to rectify it. Explain your actions in detail as it is a crucial part that helps you get your account to instate again. 
  • Your actions after reinstatement: List the things you will do and avoid to prevent future issues. 
  • Add summary: Give a summary of what you have mentioned in the appeal letter. Avoid making it lengthy. 

We understand waiting patiently for a response from Amazon after you send the appeal is the hardest thing to do as it is affecting your business revenue. However, there is close to no chance that you get a prompt response. It is mentioned in the norms that they will take 4-5 weeks to respond to your suspension appeal letter. 

But you can make the situation worse if you send follow-ups. It buries your first letter. 

Contact Amazon Appeal Pro

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