What Happens If You Dispute an Amazon Charge?

Posted on June 7th, 2021

Amazon Dispute Charge

Amazon is getting larger day by day. As we talk, the platform has over 200 million Prime members. One of the reasons why Amazon has worldwide popularity is because of its customer obsession. It’s a widely known fact that the platform keeps its best foot forward to delight its customers.

However, there’s only a point till which Amazon can have control over its operations. There are approximately 1.6 million packages that are shipped in a day through the platform. Amidst this craziness, customers may have to bear rare days of inconvenience.

Things You Need to Know About Amazon Dispute Charge

One of the issues customers complain of is the Amazon dispute charge. The platform wants every transaction to be smooth. However, sometimes, disputes may occur. In this blog post, learn with us what happens when you dispute an Amazon charge.

What Happens If You Dispute an Amazon Charge

What is an Amazon Dispute Charge?

Have you ever woken up to a suspicious charge from Amazon? When you find some deductions from your account that you don’t remember making, it’s natural for you to be concerned. The first thought that comes to mind is of a fraud. Your head gets filled with tons of questions – did someone steal my identity? Or was my credit card stolen?

However, there can be some other explanations too for such charges except fraud. Keeping this in mind, Amazon provides the facility of disputing Amazon prime charges.

You can raise a dispute against Amazon charges in the following conditions –

  • Unknown charges on a credit card or bank account;
  • A mistake in the Amazon Pay transaction;
  • You paid for an item, but you did not receive it;
  • You received the item you ordered but in a drastically different shape, size, or form than advertised on Amazon;
  • There was a difference in the amount charged to the credit card, debit card, or bank account and the amount stated in the confirmatory email by Amazon Pay.

Amazon Dispute Resolution for a Buyer

There are two ways to dispute an Amazon charge. The first one is you can contact Amazon, the original merchant. The second option is to take the matter to the financial institution involved. It’s always better to approach the original merchant first since it’s a far easier and less complex process.

How to Dispute a Refund on Amazon?

To initiate a dispute refund on Amazon, you can follow the following steps –

  1. Amazon promotes resolving a dispute by contacting the merchant since it facilitates transactions between merchant and customers.
  2. To contact the merchant, sign in to your Amazon Pay Shoppers account.
  3. Go to your ‘Account Activity Page’ and find your relevant order or transaction.
  4. View the details of the order.
  5. On the ‘View Order Details’ page select the option of ‘Contact Merchant’.
  6. Find the merchant’s email address.
  7. Draft a message about your issue and send them the email.

Process of Dispute on Amazon Unauthorized Transaction

To speed up the process of dispute on Amazon unauthorized transaction, include the following details in your Amazon charge dispute email –

  • Details of the order such as the order reference number provided by the merchant and the list of items in the order
  • The cost of each item in the order
  • The details of shipment/delivery
  • The nature of the problem(s) with your order
  • The resolution you prefer for the problem

In some cases, you cannot reach out to the merchant to initiate a dispute. For such situations, you can dispute the transaction charges with Amazon Pay.

  1. Go to your Account Activity, and then sign in to your account.
  2. On the Account Activity page, find the relevant order or transaction, and then check the details of your transaction.
  3. Open the View Order Details page, and click File/View Claim.
  4. Enter the required information about the transaction.
  5. Have the specific details of the transaction ready to dispute the charges. The information includes the date of the transaction, the amount of the transaction, the order/transaction ID, and the description of the problem.

The Response to Your Amazon Dispute Charge

amazon dispute charge

After you submit your Amazon dispute resolution form, Amazon begins reviewing your complaint. It investigates your case thoroughly and can take as long as 45 days to complete this process. Look for Amazon disputes team phone numbers as the customer support team might contact you to know more information about your complaint.

However, Amazon provides merchants just a timeframe of 5 days to respond to a buyer’s claim.

Raising a dispute for an unnecessary or unauthorized transaction is necessary even if the charges are relatively less. It brings you clarity as to why it happened and helps you eliminate the situations/reasons from both your and buyer’s end to not let it repeat. If you need help with resolving the Amazon dispute charges, reach out to Amazon Appeal. We can assist you to carry out a smooth conversation with Amazon and the merchants to recover your charges back.  Request our free consultation today!

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