How to Create a New Amazon Account After Being Suspended

Posted on June 26th, 2023

How to Recreate an Amazon Account After Suspension

If your Amazon account has been suspended and you are seeking to open a new account, there are several steps you can take to navigate the process successfully. Opening a new Amazon account after suspension requires careful attention to Amazon’s policies and guidelines. It’s crucial to understand the reasons behind the suspension and address any underlying issues to prevent a similar situation in the future. Additionally, following the reinstatement process, including submitting an appeal and providing a corrective action plan, can increase your chances of having your account reinstated. By taking proactive measures and adhering to Amazon’s requirements, you can work towards opening a new account and resuming your online selling activities on the platform.

Phases of Account Suspension

Suspension Notice

In this initial phase, you will receive a notification from Amazon informing you that your account has been suspended. The notice may provide a general reason for the suspension, such as policy violations or concerns regarding account activity. It is crucial to review this notice thoroughly to understand the specific issues that led to the suspension.

Investigation and Appeal

Once you have received the suspension notice, you can begin the process of investigating the reasons behind the suspension. This involves identifying any policy violations, reviewing your account activity, and determining what corrective actions need to be taken. You will then need to prepare a detailed appeal, outlining the steps you have taken to rectify the issues and prevent similar problems in the future. Submitting a strong appeal is essential for reinstating your account.

Reinstatement or Closure

The final phase involves Amazon’s evaluation of your appeal and supporting documentation. They will assess whether your appeal and corrective actions address the concerns raised during the investigation. If successful, your account will be reinstated, and you can resume your selling activities. However, if the appeal is rejected, the suspension may become permanent, leading to the closure of your account. In such cases, exploring alternative options or seeking guidance from Amazon support may be necessary.

It’s important to note that the specific process and timelines can vary, and it’s crucial to follow Amazon’s guidelines and policies throughout each phase to maximize your chances of account reinstatement.

The Curious Situation of Opening a Second Account

Creating another account after a suspension on platforms like Amazon is against their policies and can lead to further consequences. It is essential to address the issues with the existing account by understanding the reasons behind the suspension, following Amazon’s guidelines, and submitting an appeal with a comprehensive corrective action plan. Engaging in unauthorized account creation can result in the permanent closure of both accounts. It is best to work towards resolving the issues with the suspended account through proper channels to regain selling privileges and maintain a legitimate presence on the platform.

The Right Way To Open A New Amazon Account After Suspension

Opening new Amazon account after suspension requires careful attention to detail and adherence to Amazon’s policies and guidelines. Follow these detailed steps to open an Amazon account after the suspension the right way:

Understand the Suspension Reason

Thoroughly review the suspension notification from Amazon. Identify the specific reason(s) for the suspension, such as policy violations, intellectual property infringement, or performance-related issues.

Rectify the Issue

Take immediate action to address the underlying problem that led to the suspension. This may involve improving product quality, resolving customer complaints, updating product listings, or addressing account-related issues, such as late shipments or order cancellations.

Develop a Comprehensive Corrective Action Plan

Create a detailed corrective action plan that outlines the steps you have taken to rectify the issue and prevent similar problems in the future. Provide a clear explanation of the problem, the actions you have implemented, and the strategies in place to maintain compliance with Amazon’s policies. Include specific timelines and measurable goals in your plan.

Appeal the Suspension

Craft a well-structured and persuasive appeal to Amazon’s Seller Performance team. Clearly state the reasons why your account should be reinstated, referencing the corrective actions taken and providing supporting evidence. Be concise, professional, and address each point mentioned in the suspension notification. Follow Amazon’s guidelines for submitting the appeal, including any required documentation or evidence.

Provide Additional Information

If requested by Amazon, promptly respond to any inquiries or requests for additional information. Provide detailed and accurate explanations, supporting evidence, and any relevant documentation. Be transparent and honest in your communication, taking responsibility for any mistakes made and demonstrating your commitment to improving your business practices.

Demonstrate Ongoing Improvement

Show evidence of ongoing improvement and dedication to maintaining compliance with Amazon’s policies. This can include positive customer feedback, enhanced quality control measures, updated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), professional certifications relevant to your products or services, or any other pertinent information that showcases your commitment to providing a positive customer experience.

Follow Up and Be Patient

After submitting the appeal, follow up with Amazon periodically to inquire about the status of your reinstatement. Be patient during the process, as it may take time for Amazon to review your appeal and supporting information thoroughly.

Seek Professional Assistance if Needed

If you find the reinstatement process challenging or overwhelming, consider seeking professional help from experts who specialize in Amazon account reinstatement. They can provide guidance, review your appeal, and offer valuable insights to increase your chances of a successful reinstatement.


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